Surroundings & Activities

The immediate surroundings of Gytsjerk offer a lot of natural beauty, recreational opportunities and attractions. Friesland welcomes tourists in many ways. You will find an activity calendar on Eropuit in Friesland.

Vicinity of Gytsjerk

Bed & Breakfast “It Kuorke” can be found in Gytsjerk, a village in the leafy Trynwâlden, between Leeuwarden and Dokkum. In the vicinity of Gytsjerk you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy on the water or in the woods. Lovers of nature and culture will find a lot of opportumities. Make a nice bike ride through nature reserve the Bûtenfjild. Stroll through the beautiful Ryptsjersterpolder (known from the TV images of skaters on the first natural ice). Follow one of the marked trails in the immediate vicinity. Explore the beautiful Roodbaart park at Stania State or visit the new Park Vijversburg in Tytsjerk.
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Facilities in the village

The village of Gytsjerk is fully equipped. Within walking distance you will find a large modern supermarket, a greengrocer and a self-slaughtering butcher. There are several eateries. By car you reach Leeuwarden in 15 minutes, to Dokkum you are 24 minutes on the road. In Oenkerk, 2 km away, you will find a health center with a dispensing GP practice.

Friesland is a beautiful province to recreate. Leeuwarden is the 2018 Cultural Capital of Europe. Together with the fixed annual events 2018 promises to be a year with a lot of activities. There is space, peace and hospitality here. Friesland received an 8.5 on Zoover

Walks in the immediate vicinity

– Hike Gytsjerk outdoor area
– Hike Gytsjerk
– Hiking Oentsjerk and Gytsjerk
– Butenfjild nature reserve
– 11-City-Walk


There are various options in the area.

In Gytsjerk

– Brasserie De Canterlanden
– Pizzeria il Porto
– Chinees Restaurant Oriental

In immediate vicinity of Gytsjerk

– Wokpaleis Friesland
– Het Wapen van Fryslân
– Stania State
– De Winze

There is also a wide choice of eateries in Leeuwarden as Dokkum.


– Friesland Activities
– Leeuwarden European Cultural Capital 2018
– Skutjesilen traditional Sailing Ships
– Admirality Days Dokkum
– Fishery Days Harlingen
– Balloon Fair Joure
– Eleven City Bike Tour
– Kollummer Cat Days

Trips and sights

– Tourist Information Friesland
– Wooden Shoe Museum
– Working Old Grain Mill
– Frisian Museum Leeuwarden
– Frisian Agricultural Museum
– Eise Eisinga’s Planetarium Franeker |
– City Tour on Traditional Boats Leeuwarden
– Beerenburg distillery Widow Joustra Sneek
– Ceramic Museum Princessehof Leeuwarden
– Daytour Ameland Island